Landing a Virtualization Job

As the New Year rolls around you may find yourself looking for a new paying gig. Times are tough, but the virtualization space shows continued strength as companies seek to consolidate servers, reduce administrative burden, and hunt down cost savings in the data center. We will look at how you can land that new virtualization gig quickly.

Virtualization jobs come in all shapes and sizes, from the small shop IT guy who runs everything from the desktop to the data center (or data closet as the case may be) to large silo-structured enterprise environments where IT staff rarely deviate from their narrowly defined set of tasks.  Then there is the whole consulting side of the business, with small and large shop mentalities to go along with it.

Step 1 in getting a new job that will really satisfy (Snickers, anyone?) is to define what it is that you want to do.  Are you a big picture thinker who likes to pull in all of the pieces of the puzzle and assemble them over time – maybe a small IT shop is for you.  Do you like rapid-fire problem solving?  Check out a consulting gig where you can solve a variety of problems for customers.  Figure out what you want to do first, then start looking.

Step 2: Target your search.  Sure the big sites like,, and have a ton of jobs listed, but to find that really great job you should look for other search resources.  Some of the new job search sites, including,, and can turn up hits that you won’t find other places. also yeilds some great gems.  Social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can get you closer to the hiring manager than search sites can.  Here in the Washington DC area we have a bunch of resources such as the Washington Post’s Job , Craigslist Jobs, The Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Job Site, and  A little Googling and personal networking will surely reveal similar resources in your area.  You can also get creative.  Use the VMware Partner Directory to identify companies in your area offering virtualization sales, services, hardware, etc.  Also be sure to check out job sites that focus on virtualization, such as VM People.

Step 3: Think outside the box.  Use search terms other than VMware.  Recruiters don’t always know the technology they are looking to staff.  Search for VM Vare, virtual, virtualization, ESX, HyperV.  Think of related related industries in the virtualization ecosystem (think storage vendors, software vendors, startups, systems integrators, etc.).  Visit the websites of those companies and find their ‘Careers’ section.

Step 4: Get your resume updated.  Show your skills and certifications.  Get your resume out there using social networking tools, leverage sites like to build your portfolio and showcase your accomplishments.

Step 5: Give back to the community after you get that awesome new job.  Is your company hiring more staff?  Post those openings on  The stronger your team is, the better your chances are of being noticed for promtion and expanded responsibilities.

Do you have any great sources for finding virtualization jobs?  Leave your ideas in the comments!

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