EMC Releases Upgraded OE Code for VNXe with Great New Features

By Josh Townsend

EMC VNXe 1 resized 600

EMC released VNXe Operating Environment MR4 (version 2.4.20932) on January 7th. The upgrade brings a few significant enhancements to the VNXe platform. Before I cover the new features, let’s have a quick look at the VNXe series for those not familiar with it.

The EMC VNXe Series, a part of EMC’s VNX family, is an affordable unified storage platform designed for smaller businesses. The unified platform provides both file and block services – iSCSI on block, and CIFS and NFS on file, with a nice base feature set including File Dedupe, Block Compression, Thin Provisioning, and Snapshots, all managed through a …read more

From: Clearpath Solutions Group Blog

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