Archives for July 16, 2013

Multipathing Support in vSphere Standard Edition

A customer recently asked me if storage multipathing is supported in vSphere Standard Edition.  The customer had reviewed the vSphere Editions comparison chart at and saw that Standard Edition did not include the 'Storage APIs for Array Integration, Multipathing' feature.  While the answer was quick and easy, I saw a good chance to provide some detailed information to the customer to better equip them to make an informed purchasing decision and to run their vSphere environment in the long run.  So what is … [Read more...]

Deploying Linked-Clone Desktop Pools Using PowerCLI

By Suhem Parack Deploying pools can be done using the VMware View Administrator. The Add Pool wizard in the Administrator takes us through a series of steps which include user assignment, pool Identification, provisioning settings, advanced storage options etc. (refer to the figure below). In this article we will learn a different approach to deploying pools - using a powerCLI cmdlet. In order to do deploy pools using powerCLI cmdlets, we will make use of the Add-AutomaticLinkedClonePool cmdlet. The general syntax for the Add-AutomaticLinkedClonePool is: more From: … [Read more...]