First off: Integrity

BlogWithIntegrity.comBy displaying the Blog with Integrity badge or signing the pledge, I assert that the trust of my readers and the blogging community is important to me.

I treat others respectfully, attacking ideas and not people. I also welcome respectful disagreement with my own ideas.

I believe in intellectual property rights, providing links, citing sources, and crediting inspiration where appropriate.

I disclose my material relationships, policies and business practices. My readers will know the difference between editorial, advertorial, and advertising, should I choose to have it. If I do sponsored or paid posts, they are clearly marked.

When collaborating with marketers and PR professionals, I handle myself professionally and abide by basic journalistic standards.

I always present my honest opinions to the best of my ability.

I own my words. Even if I occasionally have to eat them.

Next Up: Basic Disclosure

As a blogger it is now important that disclosures are made for all applicable interests. This is the official blogger disclosure resource for Joshua R. Townsend.

Issue:  This document was last revised in June 9, 2013.

Statement of Neutrality, Alignment and Interests

I work for Clearpath Solutions Group, a value added reseller and partner of VMware, EMC, Cisco and other related entities. My commercial blogging will focus on general virtualization, servers, networking and storage to not overlap/contradict with Clearpath’s interests.

Prior to February 6, 2012: I attest that I had no situation in my professional work experience or blogging activities that would prohibit an objective perspective of any product or company. No situation in my professional work experience or blogging activities would place any technology situation in any conflict of interest.

Finally: Some official sounding terms, disclosures, and legalese that you agree to by visiting

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