Closing Your Automation Gap with VMware Cloud…

Closing Your Automation Gap with VMware Cloud Foundation [] Closing Your Automation Gap with VMware Cloud... See how VMware Cloud Foundation closes a big gap in data center automation. It steps in as a unique solution and automates steps which almost always are done manually in data centers today, despite the broad range of available tools. VMware Social Media Advocacy … [Read more...]

Configuring VMware VASA for EMC VNX

vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) are one of several VMware vSphere Storage APIs.  VASA, new in vSphere 5.0, provides vCenter with a way of interrogating storage array LUNs and associated datastores to gain visibility into the underlying hardware and configuration of the storage layer.  Storage capabilities, such as RAID level, thin or thick LUN provisioning, replication state, caching mechanisms, and auto-tiering are presented through VASA to vCenter (a unidirectional read operation by vCenter against the array).  With VASA, vCenter can identify which datastores possess … [Read more...]