VMware vSphere Resource Pools – Resource Allocation Revisited

I have found VMware vSphere Resource Pools to be an often misunderstood element, and incorrectly implemented by even seasoned VMware administrators.  I recently found an example of an incorrect implementation of Resource Pools being used to organize VM's in vCenter's Hosts and Clusters view, without considering the potential performance impact of this configuration.  I thought that I might try to explain the resource pool piece a bit better, particularly around Shares. First, a few technical points to remember: Resource Pools can only be used when VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler … [Read more...]

vCenter Crashes After Applying ESXi Patch ESXi410-201010401-SG

My last post described a problem I experienced with VMware HA after upgrading to vSphere 4.1.  Here is my experience with a similar issue after applying the ESXi410-201010401-SG patch to one of my test/dev ESXi clusters.  The patch, released on November 15th and weighing in at a hefty 212MB, fixes a number of issues from Likewise authentication on ESXi hosts to allowing configurable NOOP timout and interval values for faster failover of certain iSCSI arrays (like the DS3300 or MD3000i). The environment where this problem occured has a single vCenter server managing both a production cluster … [Read more...]