DL380 BIOS Configuration for VMware

One more post to wrap up the nonsense with my DL380 G3 ESX servers.... Vincent Vlieghe noted that you must make a couple changes to your DL380 G3's for ESX to work correctly.  His post was written back in 2006 when we were still working with ESX 2.x, but the same appears to be true of ESX 3.5 RTM (Updates are not supported on this hardware per the HCL).  The changes you must make to BIOS are: For stable operation on these systems, ESX Server requires a BIOS MPS Table Mode setting of Full Table APIC. With the exception of the specific systems referenced below, the following BIOS settings … [Read more...]

Double-Check the HCL

I wrote some time back about networking problems with a clean install of ESX 3.5 U3 on a HP DL380 G3 server in a lab environment.  A simple downgrade to ESX 3.5 RTM corrected the issue and I didn't think much about it.  One of the servers in the lab died and I went about the business of rebuilding it.  Having learned my lesson, I started with an ESX 3.5 RTM install and then patched to Update 3 plus other applicable updates.  Much to my chagrin, the server began crapping out on me randomly.  Some reboots, some networking issues, and other assorted not so good things.  Now the DL380 G3 is not … [Read more...]

Networking Problems with ESX 3.5 Update 3 on the DL380 G3

I began building up a new lab environment with a few old DL380 G3 servers (courtesy of ebay) and pulled down the latest ISO of ESX 3.5 with Update 3 integrated.  The install went well with my only changes to the defaults being some partitioning changes (I more or less follow the recommendations set forth by Rich at VM/ETC for partitioning) and not checking the option for creating a default network for virtual machines - I prefer to set up all my networking manually once I am in the VI client.  I selected the first on-board NIC for my Service Console connection.  The NIC was detected as a … [Read more...]