Hyper-V World – What would Tad say now?

We've had some pretty exciting announcements over the past two days at VMworld.  VMware is really flexing their muscle, proving that they are dead serious about going beyond simple server virtualization.  We're plowing full speed ahead, delivering on the vision for cloud and now the Software Defined Datacenter that VMware has been painting over the past several years.car Microsoft was apparently threatened by this vision at VMworld last year, and tried to paint VMware as a virtualization-only offering with their VM-Limited campaign … [Read more...]

Microsoft and VMware Virtualization Documentation

Microsoft published a document named "Getting to Know Hyper-V: A Walkthrough from Initial Setup to Common Scenarios" last week.  According to Microsoft, "this guide provides detailed step-by-step walkthroughs for testing Hyper-V on a pre-production environment. You can use this guide to become familiar with Hyper-V and the process of creating and managing virtual machines. Also included in this guide are useful scenarios that you can test to better understand how Hyper-V can address the business goals of your organization."  The document serves as a sort of evaluators guide for Hyper-V, … [Read more...]

NetApp Extends 50% Virtualization Guarantee

NetApp has extended their 50% Virtualization Guarantee to include Citrix Xen and Microsoft Hyper-V.  The program, first announced in 2008, initially covered only VMware virtualization solutions.  The 50% Guarantee program is a catchy way to get folks thinking through the cost savings that virtualization can offer when combined with shared storage (and in this economy who isn't thinking about savings!). NetApp has linked several Technical Reports on the 50% Virtualization Guarantee program site that are worth reading even if you are not preparing for a new storage purchase.  Here are links … [Read more...]