VI Toolkit for Windows v1.5 Released Today

VMware released version 1.5 of the VI Toolkit for Windows - the PowerShell management and reporting tool of choice for many VMware administrators. The new version carries build number 142961. You can download v1.5 here: The update includes some 32 new cmdlets, including ones for getting/setting NTP settings on ESX, getting/setting Advanced configuration options on ESX, getting/setting ESX Firewall settings, and the ability to modify DRS rules using PowerShell. Existing cmdlets have also been updated with new parameters, and several fixes have been … [Read more...]

Guest Free Disk Space Revisited

I wrote about a method for determining guest free disk space using a PowerShell script a couple weeks ago.  Scott Lowe picked up the post on his blog last week.  Since then I have had several other conversations with folks looking the best way to report on inefficiencies in their environments (it's the economy, stupid) and mitigate those inefficiencies as budgets get tighter. When it comes to reporting there are a ton of options available.  The solution you choose will be dependent on your environment and the tools you already have in place.  Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB's) often … [Read more...]