Announcing EMC Elect

EMC announced today a new community recognition program called EMC Elect.  Much like the VMware vExpert program or the Microsoft MVP program, EMC Elect provides individuals recognition for their contributions to the EMC community.  Programs like this are incredibly beneficial - for the honoree as well as for the sponsoring company and the wider technology community.  I've certainly benefited from being selected as a VMware vExpert, and I hope that VMware has benefited from my feedback as a result of my participation in the vExpert program.  More importantly, the positive feedback from the … [Read more...]

VMware vExpert

I've held off on posting this as I don't like to toot my own vuvuzela too loudly, but in a fit of shameless self promotion and a desire to see the program grow, here goes nothin: I am a VMware vExpert! VMware notifed recipients of the designation last month.  The 300 or so awardees are recognized for their "advocacy of VMware solutions, your contributions to the community of VMware users, and your willingness to share your expertise with others."  I find it an absolute honor to be included amongst the vExpert class of 2010 - a group full of folks who are on the cutting edge of … [Read more...]