vSphere 5.1 Announcement, Features, and Specifications

Today at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco, VMware announced the new version of their flagship product vSphere 5.1.  Version 5.1 builds on the success of vSphere 5, enabling more flexibility, scalability, and automation for running your private cloud of storage, network and compute resources.  There's lots of coverage of vSphere 5.1 by the tech media, bloggers, and VMware, so I won't cover all of the nitty gritty details, but I do want to highlight several that are of interest.  I'm saving some of the features for more in-depth posts, so stay tuned for more! vSphere vMotion no longer requires … [Read more...]

You Get A Cloud, and You Get a Cloud, and You Get a Cloud

It's like Oprah has visited VMworld today, proclaiming "You Get a Cloud, and You Get a Cloud, and You Get a Cloud!" Look at your vSphere 5 box.  If it says 'Enterprise Plus Edition' you get a key -- to the cloud.  That's right - if you own VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus edition, you now have VMware vCloud Director.  For free.  As I predicted in Reading the Tea Leaves Before VMworld 2012 Part 2, VMware has introduced a new pricing/packaging scheme called the vCloud Suite, which combines vSphere 5.1, vCloud 5.1, and vCloud Networking and Security into a new package called the vCloud … [Read more...]

No More vRAM Entitlement Licensing!

Just announced at VMworld 2012 – VMware has stopped the unpopular ‘vRAM Entitlement’ licensing that restricted customers to provisioning virtual machines with a virtual memory beyond a licensed limit.  The vRAM Entitlements were introduced with vSphere 5 and drew wide criticism despite the fact that few customers were actually impacted by the soft memory caps once N+1 hosts and other design architecture best practices were considered.  Rather, I’d like to think that the vRAM Entitlement licensing may have actually been helpful in getting customers to right-size their VM’s and rationalize … [Read more...]

Booth Babe B.S.

When will vendors get it - hired booth babes are just not cool at tech conferences.  Don't get me wrong - I have no problem with attractive females in tech, but damn it, have some brains and be able to talk about the technology you are representing.  I think next year I may submit fake talent to the Craigslist ads and modeling agencies seeking 'models' for VMworld booths - flood em with false positives and maybe we can kill off the practice.....  If we vNerds start showing respect to our female counterparts we might actually attract more women to our trade and end the sausage fest that is … [Read more...]

Reading the Tea Leaves before VMworld 2012 – Part 2

In Part 1 of ‘Reading the Tea Leaves Before VMworld,’ I looked at some recent VMware acquisitions to make some predictions on what might be announced this week at VMworld.  In part 2, I’ll work through the VMworld Content Catalog and a few other sources to guess at what product specific features and upgrades we might expect.  So, without further ado, here’s What to Expect when you are vExpecting. vSphere 5.1 It’s no secret that an updated version of the flagship vSphere product will be announced this week.  If history repeats itself, the version announced this week will pick up version … [Read more...]

Reading the Tea Leaves Before VMworld 2012 – Part 1

This year’s VMworld conference in San Francisco is shaping up to be a great one.  VMware is gearing up for quite a conference this week – I’ve heard from several VMware insiders, saying this show will be “jaw-dropping,” “mind-blowing,” and “amazing.”  But, VMware is keeping the product announcements, acquisitions, and cool new technology very close to the vest this year, so the exact details are not yet known.  I thought I might engage in some predictive analytics against recent VMware press releases, VMworld session builder details, and some buzz in the community/press to guess at what might … [Read more...]

Clearpath Solutions Group VMworld Sessions – Vote Today

VMware's VMworld 2012 conference is quickly approaching.  Early-bird registration ends on the 8th, so be sure to register now.  And remember, VMware User Group (VMUG) Advantage subscribers get an $100 discount on admission to VMworld (plus other great benefits)! One of the cool things about the show is that attendees have input into the content to be presented by voting for the sessions they most want to have in the schedule.  Voting is open through June 8th - click here to vote.  The very talented VMware engineers at Clearpath Solutions Group (of which I am privileged to be a part) … [Read more...]

VMworld 2011 Snapshot Series

Did you miss VMworld this year, but want a chance to get a peek at the exciting new technologies on display at the show?  The VMworld 2011 Snapshot Series is your chance to catch the excitement of VMworld in a city near you. Please join VMware for this complimentary half-day event to get a taste of VMworld 2011 and learn how VMware and our partners are enabling organizations like yours to understand the true value of cloud computing and business agility. Cloud computing is an organizations strategic weapon-not just for IT, but to enable full business transformation, and will eventually change … [Read more...]

VMUG Advantage Program

VMware has been investing in the VMware User Group (VMUG) program over the past year, adding new benefits and opportunities to an already great program.  In addition to local meetings where you can interact with fellow VMware professionals, the VMUG program offers other great benefits - the latest is the VMUG Advantage program. The VMUG Advantage program offers the following benefits: $100 Discount to VMworld 20% Discount on VMware Instructor Led Training 20% Discount on VMware Certification 1-Year Free Subscription: All Access eLearning Courses ($750 Value) 30% Discount on … [Read more...]

VMworld Lines, Long Lines and Damn Long Lines

I've heard some grumbling about the long lines popping up at VMworld with folks blaming the new first-come format for admission into the various sessions. A few folks have asked me my take on it - here's what I've got: - Yes, the lines are long but they seem to move fast. Whether that's because people are bailing out or because the staff here is efficiently moving people into session rooms as they open up I don't know. I suspect a bit of both. - I anticipate lines getting shorter over the next few days as the Solutions Exchange opens up a ton of space and activities for VMworld … [Read more...]