vCenter Client Passthrough Authentication

I started this blog for a couple reasons: 1.) To help you, my readers, with your virtualization projects, and 2.) To help myself by: a.) raising my online profile as an expert in the community, and b.) To give myself somewhere to keep tidbits of knowledge that I find myself going back to look for over and over again. This post is a 2b.

I just built up a new laptop and couldn’t remember how to set up pass-through authentication on my VI3 Client. A quick Google search gave me the answer, courtesy of Stu Radnidge‘s post on nothing other than VirtualCenter 2.5 Passthrough Authentication.  This little gem saves the terribly tedius work of having to manually enter your login credentials each time you launch the Virtual Infrastructure 3 Client by passing through your currently logged-in credentials to the VC server.  Thanks for the tip, Stu!

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