VMworld 2009 Sponsor and Exhibitor List

The VMware ecosystem is rich and thriving, with partners, vendors, and the virtualization community at large continuing to drive innovation and producing complementary products. VMworld is where this ecosystem comes together to show the latest and greatest they have to offer, and to give a glimpse into what lies ahead. With VMworld 2009 just a few days away, the ecosystem is pulsing with increase vigor, as evidenced by the increased amount of email, Twitter traffic, and general buzz in the community.

The VMworld 2009 Sponsor and Exhibitor list is available at http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/2009/sponsors-exhibitors and gives good insight into who and what is part of the VMware ecosystem.  If you are heading to VMworld next week, be sure to check out the exhibitor list ahead of time so you can target your time on the exhibition floor (or so you know which booths to hit up for the best schwag, tchotchke, booth babes, and T-shirts).

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