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VMtoday’s One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first post on, and an exciting year it has been in many ways.  First, some stats: has been visited more than 10,000 times in the past year.  While the number of site visits is far below some of my fellow virtualization bloggers, it is still exciting for me to see that I am making an impact on the community (despite my meager post count).  There are some of you who read my posts through Planet V12n and RSS, which is cool by me. Yesterday was the busiest day for the site.  No coincidence that it comes after adding some … [Read more...]

Upgrading Virtual Hardware in a VMware Virtual Machine May Cause Disks to go Offline

I recently posted an article on how specific actions during the upgrade of a VMware Virtual Machine's hardware from v4 to v7 can cause problems with certain services, including DNS, DHCP, and WINS. In that case, the problem was related to Microsoft Windows leaving non-present devices with networking configurations and  the failure of the VMware Upgrade Helper service to copy WINS settings when updating the NIC.  As my fellow blogger and VMUG leader, Jason Boche, responded on Twitter: "Same gotchas, different version."  And right he is - anyone with experience in P2V or V2V, or who has been … [Read more...]

vSphere Upgrade Breaks Active Directory

I recently completed a VMware VI 3.5 to vSphere upgrade in a small environment (5 hosts, 80 VM's).  Being a small environment, the upgrade was planned for one big overnight blitz.  Unfortunately, the size of the environment did not afford a test environment to uncover potential issues before the upgrade.  The upgrade to vSphere itself went swimmingly (the vCenter server had been upgraded a couple weeks earlier).  However, some things in the environment started to go wonky once the upgrade was complete.  Specifically, name resolution (DNS), DHCP, WINS, Group Policy, and really anything … [Read more...]