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Storage Basics – Part II: IOPS

In Part I of this series, I discussed the important of storage performance in a virtual environment (really any environment, virtual or not, where you want acceptable performance), and introduced some of the basic measures of a storage environment.  In Part II, we will look more closely at what may be the most important storage design consideration in a VMware server-consolidation enviornments, many SQL environments, and VDI environments to name a few: IOPS. If we stick with a single-disk-centric approach as we did in Part I, IOPS is quite simply a measure of how many read and write … [Read more...]

Storage Basics – Part I: An Introduction

I am increasingly finding that both my SMB and Enterprise customers are uneducated on the fundamentals of storage sizing and performance.  As a result, storage is often overlooked as a performance bottleneck despite it being a vital component to consider in a virtualization implementation.  Storage will only increase in importance as hosts are getting bigger, data volumes increase, and more workloads are virtualized.  For some reason, most people can grasp the importance of CPU and memory performance constraints but storage performance is often overlooked and can be hard to explain to business … [Read more...]

Windows Server 2008 R2 & Windows 7 Freeze When Using SVGA Drivers

I recently ran into an issue when installing my first Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machine.  The VM would hang/freeze randomly when used through the VMware vCenter Client's console.  It turns out this is a known issue (see this VMware KB Article) with the SVGA driver that is installed as part of the default installation of VMware Tools.  While the article does not explain why you should disable the SVGA driver, it's advice is correct if you want to avoid problems in your guest VM.  To correct my problem, I removed the SVGA driver from the Windows Device Manager and rebooted.  If you are … [Read more...]