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vCenter Crashes After Applying ESXi Patch ESXi410-201010401-SG

My last post described a problem I experienced with VMware HA after upgrading to vSphere 4.1.  Here is my experience with a similar issue after applying the ESXi410-201010401-SG patch to one of my test/dev ESXi clusters.  The patch, released on November 15th and weighing in at a hefty 212MB, fixes a number of issues from Likewise authentication on ESXi hosts to allowing configurable NOOP timout and interval values for faster failover of certain iSCSI arrays (like the DS3300 or MD3000i). The environment where this problem occured has a single vCenter server managing both a production cluster … [Read more...]

HA Errors after vSphere 4.1 Upgrade

I recently ran into an issue with one of my vSphere clusters after upgrading from vSphere 4.0 to vSphere 4.1 (with ESXi 4.1 and vCenter 4.1).  After the upgrade, I attempted to enable VMware High Availability (HA) on the upgraded cluster.  Each of the ESXi hosts in the cluster appeared to have been properly configured for HA (as observed in the 'Recent Tasks' pane of the vSphere Client).  Despite having appeared to configure HA correctly, I found that each host in the cluster was displaying an error on the Summary tab of the vSphere Client that read 'Error <date> <time> HA agent on … [Read more...]

Washington, DC VMware User Group (VMUG)- November 16th, 2010

Please join us for the upcoming Washington DC VMware User Group meeting on Tuesday, November 16th. Time: 9:30am - 2:30pm Location: Fair Lakes Hyatt 12777 Fair Lakes Circle Ballroom Fairfax, VA 22033 Directions This is a great opportunity to meet with your peers to discuss virtualization trends, best practices and the latest technology. Agenda 09:30 a.m. Registration 10:00 a.m. Welcome & Opening Remarks 10:15 a.m. Isilon Presentation 11:00 a.m. Break 11:10 a.m. VMworld 2010 Recap & VMware Updates 12:15 p.m. Lunch & Networking 12:45 p.m. Quest Software … [Read more...]

VMworld Lines, Long Lines and Damn Long Lines

I've heard some grumbling about the long lines popping up at VMworld with folks blaming the new first-come format for admission into the various sessions. A few folks have asked me my take on it - here's what I've got: - Yes, the lines are long but they seem to move fast. Whether that's because people are bailing out or because the staff here is efficiently moving people into session rooms as they open up I don't know. I suspect a bit of both. - I anticipate lines getting shorter over the next few days as the Solutions Exchange opens up a ton of space and activities for VMworld … [Read more...]

VMworld T-Shirt Count

Way back in the day (we're talking way back in high school here) I worked my summers away at a Six Flags park in Western New York.  Every fall the park hosted an International Food Festival.  Let me tell you - the perogies, sausage and gyro's slid down like nobody's business.  But the real prize was the Italian bakery's cannoli's.  The 5 or so folks that shared an office with me decided we should track our cannoli consumption.  We did (like you do a drug or spin up VM's just cause you can) something like 126 cannoli's in one weekend. We called it the Cannoli Count - kept a tally o a whiteboard … [Read more...]

VMworld 2010 Labs Preview

I was fortunate enough to be offered a sneak peak at the VMworld 2010 Hands-on Labs setup this morning, and let me tell you - I am impressed.  A lot of hard work has gone into planning, architecting and deploying the Labs environment, promising to make it the most user-friendly VMworld Labs setup yet.  Here is what you need to know: Location: The Labs will be held at Moscone West, on the corner of 5th & Howard St. This is a change from last year. Format: There will be two types of hands-on labs - instructor led (they're calling these Advanced Lab Tutorials) and self-paced. The … [Read more...]

High CPU Ready, Poor Performance

**Update** January 2013: You've probably found your way here by doing a search for 'High CPU Ready in VMware' or something to that effect.  Welcome, I'm glad you're here.  Give this article a read as it still has relevant content, then check out this newer post on CPU Ready, with some handy quick reference charts and more detailed info on the condition:  Thanks for reading! --Josh I ran into an issue with a customer today where a VM was performing terribly.  From within the guest OS (a Windows 2003 application server … [Read more...]

VMware vExpert

I've held off on posting this as I don't like to toot my own vuvuzela too loudly, but in a fit of shameless self promotion and a desire to see the program grow, here goes nothin: I am a VMware vExpert! VMware notifed recipients of the designation last month.  The 300 or so awardees are recognized for their "advocacy of VMware solutions, your contributions to the community of VMware users, and your willingness to share your expertise with others."  I find it an absolute honor to be included amongst the vExpert class of 2010 - a group full of folks who are on the cutting edge of … [Read more...]

EMC Virtual Storage Integrator Update

I upgraded my in-house VMware vSphere environment to 4.0 Update 2 last week.  After upgrading my vSphere Client to the Update 2 version I was greeted with a series of 7 ugly error messages stating: Method not found: 'VMware.CustomControls.LabelEx VpxClient.Common.Util.Helper.AddLabel(System.Windows.Froms.Control,Int32, int32, System.String, System.Drawing.FontStyle, Boolean)".I assumed a plug-in had caused the error message.  I started my troubleshooting by disabling the 3rd-party plug-ins in the environment, beginning with the free EMC Storage Viewer.  Upon disabling the EMC Storage Viewer … [Read more...]

Storage Basics – Part VII: Storage Alignment

At the risk of beating a dead horse, it's time to resurrect my Storage Basics series.  I've recently had some great feedback on the series and figured I should round out a few of the concepts before I wrap it up.  I want to cover a topic often discussed amongst virtualization professionals, but one I often find general practitioners and server admins not understanding: storage alignment.  Storage alignment, or the lack of alignment, is not a new issue and is not unique to VMware or virtualization in general.  However, the effects of misaligned storage can be more greatly felt in terms of … [Read more...]