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Washington DC VMware User Group – April 29th

It was great seeing so many VMware User Group (VMUG) members at this week's Virtualization Forum in Washington, DC.  There are several more Virtualization Forum's scheduled for North America, Europe, and Asia - these events are a great chance to see live demo's, connect with experts, and catch a peek of some exciting technologies in the virtualization space.  I hope to see everyone I met at the VMware booth at the next Washington, DC VMUG. Our next event will be on Thursday, April 29th at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, VA where we will be discussing best practices when … [Read more...]

Storage Basics – Part VI: Storage Workload Characterization

Most of what I covered in Storage Basics Parts 1 through 5 was at a very elementary level.  The math I used to do IOPS calculations, for example, is only true under very certain conditions.  RAID controllers implement caching and other techniques that skew the simple math that I provided.  I mentioned that the type of interface that you ought to use on your storage array should not be randomly chosen.  In fact, choosing the right array with the appropriate components and characteristics can only be done when you enlighten your decision with a characterization of workloads it will be … [Read more...]