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I recently presented at a couple of Clearpath Solutions Group Lunch & Learn style events that focused on VMware View and touched on many of the components of VMware’s growing End User Computing portfolio.  The presentation walked attendees through the concept of VDI, why it matters, and how IT groups can leverage desktop virtualization to transform from an or organization servicing devices (legacy desktops) to an organization that delivers services (apps & data) to users.

A few key points that I wanted to call out from the presentation are:

  • Cloud is both a journey & a destination (and an overused buzz word).  Desktop virtualization is the beanstalk in the cloud-provided end user computing environment – it let’s us climb from an environment rooted in Windows to the cloud.
  • Desktop virtualization acts as a decoupling agent between the OS and apps/data that users really want.
  • Desktop virtualization provides a reset button for IT, allowing us to re-imagine, reclaim, and redeploy IT assets (people, equipment & budget).
  • Desktop virtualization changes the economics of end-user computing from CapEx to OpEx, preparing way for consumption-based cloud models.

I’ve embedded the presentation below  (I originally built it in PowerPoint and converted it to SlideRocket – some of the slides and animations didn’t import well).  I’m happy to do a WebEx of the presentation if you want to learn more.

If you have questions or want to learn more about how View can fit in your environment feel free to reach out.  If you are local to Washington DC, Virgina, or Maryland watch for upcoming Clearpath events here:

VMware View + Clearpath Solutions Group = Love

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