Hyper-V World – What would Tad say now?

We’ve had some pretty exciting announcements over the past two days at VMworld.  VMware is really flexing their muscle, proving that they are dead serious about going beyond simple server virtualization.  We’re plowing full speed ahead, delivering on the vision for cloud and now the Software Defined Datacenter that VMware has been painting over the past several years.car

Microsoft was apparently threatened by this vision at VMworld last year, and tried to paint VMware as a virtualization-only offering with their VM-Limited campaign (http://blogs.technet.com/b/jweston/archive/2011/08/30/vm-limited-meet-tad.aspx).  Microsoft portrayed VMware as a slimy 70’s used car (virtualization) salesman named Tad, pushing old fashioned virtualization while the industry moved forward in a cloud world.  Microsoft encourages you to “watch what happens when you try to buy a cloud solution from the wrong company”.   I’d point you to Microsoft’s VM-Limited site, but they have apparently pulled it down just in time for VMworld 2012.  Microsoft seems to have become their own Tad (or will become once they launch Hyper-V 3).  Guess that’s what happens when you fling FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt)….

It left me wondering, what would Tad say now?  I know what I would say – Too Tad, So Sad.  And then I thought, let’s all say it in our own fun way, so I threw together www.TooTadSoSad.com so you can put words in Tad’s mouth.  Get creative and share!

Head to http://www.TooTadSoSad.com now and build your own Tad meme (or upload your own image for additional fun)!

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