You Get A Cloud, and You Get a Cloud, and You Get a Cloud

It’s like Oprah has visited VMworld today, proclaiming “You Get a Cloud, and You Get a Cloud, and You Get a Cloud!”

vsphere enterprise plus box shotLook at your vSphere 5 box.  If it says ‘Enterprise Plus Edition’ you get a key — to the cloud.  That’s right – if you own VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus edition, you now have VMware vCloud Director.  For free.  As I predicted in Reading the Tea Leaves Before VMworld 2012 Part 2, VMware has introduced a new pricing/packaging scheme called the vCloud Suite, which combines vSphere 5.1, vCloud 5.1, and vCloud Networking and Security into a new package called the vCloud Suite Standard.  And, if you own vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus today, you are automatically entitled to this upgrade at no charge.  You will need to claim the upgrade on licensing portal before December 15th, or you lose your upgrade. Pretty awesome, eh?

There are also a couple other editions of vCloud Suite coming your way: Advanced and Enterprise.  Below is a chart of how the pricing and packaging breaks down.


vCloud Suite Standard

vCloud Suite Advanced

vCloud Suite Enterprise

SW Included:

vSphere Ent PlusvCloud DirectorvCloud Networking & Security (vCNS) Standard, including VXLAN vCloud Suite Standard +vCOPSvCenter Config MgrAdvanced vCNS vCloud Suite Advanced +Site Recovery ManagerChargebackInfrastructure NavigatorvFabric App Director


Est. Price Per CPU

$5,000 $7,500 $11,500
 Notes Enterprise Plus Customers under SNS will be entitled to this version if owned by 8/27.  This promotion ends on 12/15.

You can now get to the business of building your own cloud, with all the tools you need for success, in some very customer friendly new packages!  Thanks, VMware!


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