How To Remove Superfish Adware from Lenovo Laptops

I started seeing reports of adware/malware being installed on Lenovo laptops yesterday.  The story is picking up steam today (Wired covered it here), and that's a good thing because this little bit of adware poses some significant risks.  The program causing the problem, Visual Discovery, was pre-installed by Lenovo on some laptop models since August 2014.  Visual Discovery causes pop-up ads and inserts ads in web pages that directs traffic to suspicious or even harmful 3rd party websites.  The ads it serves are craftily injected into Google search results and other pages that you expect to be … [Read more...]

A Stage Hand in Act Two – Thoughts on Joining VMware

I've been incredibly fortunate over the past several years to have worked with many VMware customers as the Virtualization Practice Manager at Clearpath Solutions Group, as a leader in the Washington DC VMware User Group, and at industry events like VMworld, EMC World, VMUGs, VTUGs and VMware Knowledge Series. As I have engaged with customers large and small, I've seen the realization of the real, tangible benefits of VMware's virtualization solutions to IT organizations and the businesses they serve. I also began to see customers become increasingly interested in solutions beyond vSphere - … [Read more...]

A vGuy in Real Life

I've been reflecting a bit tonight on my vJourney so far as I sit in my hotel room before VMworld 2013 kicks off tomorrow.  I just realized that I'm coming up on five years of blogging on VMtoday. It's been a very cool experience seeing people around the world take an interest in what I have to say, and even more awesome getting to know my fellow vExperts and readers on a personal level. I've strived to keep it real and personal, relating to real VMware users, not tossing out some fluffy cloud B.S. that has no bearing on what the real admin experiences every day in their job. I've got a few … [Read more...]

Amazon Kindle DX Price Cut – Great for VMware Technical Document Reading!

I just saw that the Amazon Kindle DX 9.7" eReader (Kindle DX, Free 3G, 9.7" E Ink Display, 3G Works Globally) got a pretty deep price cut, down to $269.  The eReader doesn't have the full-blown color screen or Android experience of the Kindle Fire, but I've found that it is awesome for reading technical documentation.  The large, no glare, black & white screen is distraction free, helping me to focus on the (let's be honest, sometimes boring) technical documentation and publications I'm reading.  I carry my DX in my backpack, loaded with technical books, formal documentation, and the … [Read more...]

Sweet New Job at Clearpath Solutions Group!

Time to make it official!  I have moved to Clearpath Solutions Group where I'll take on the role of Virtualization Practice Manager, focusing on delivering VMware solutions and services to our VMware, Cisco, and EMC customers.  I'm looking forward to joining a high energy company where I can focus on the VMware technologies that I am passionate about.  I'm going to hit the ground running with VMware View implementations, Site Recovery Manager (SRM) work, and vSphere upgrades on EMC storage and Cisco UCS servers. A few perks that I am looking forward to in this new job: With the … [Read more...]

Big Change for 2011

For those who read my sporadic posts here on with any sort of regularity, you know I love crunching numbers - give me some perfmon, esxtop, or vscsistats and let me go to town.  There's something cathartic about poking, prodding, and analyzing some performance numbers to find the root cause of a problem, the perfect sizing for a new environment, the right number of spindles for my workload....  It's easy to get lost in those numbers, forgetting to step back and look at the bigger picture.  So rather than write the obligatory post on VMtoday's 2nd anniversary/Christmas/New … [Read more...]

VMware vExpert

I've held off on posting this as I don't like to toot my own vuvuzela too loudly, but in a fit of shameless self promotion and a desire to see the program grow, here goes nothin: I am a VMware vExpert! VMware notifed recipients of the designation last month.  The 300 or so awardees are recognized for their "advocacy of VMware solutions, your contributions to the community of VMware users, and your willingness to share your expertise with others."  I find it an absolute honor to be included amongst the vExpert class of 2010 - a group full of folks who are on the cutting edge of … [Read more...]

Vote Now for Top Virtualization Bloggers

Happy New Year to everyone!  2010 is shaping up to be quite a good year, both personally and professionally.  Between two little boys at home and a bunch of new projects at work I should stay busy.  I will also continue to co-lead the Washington, DC VMware User Group (VMUG).  In my spare time I will continue to write what I hope are technically sound, practical, and timely articles on And speaking of Eric Siebert has opened up voting for the top 25 virtualization bloggers on his site.  I am very honored to be included in the ballot list of 55 of … [Read more...]