Storage Basics – Part V: Controllers, Cache and Coalescing

My Storage Basics series has been neglected for some time (sick kids, snow storms, VMware Upgrades, SAN implementations and some Cisco switch upgrades took all my free time), so let's jump right in to Part V - Cache, Controllers, and Coalescing.   Between the alliteration and fancy words, it might seem like I am about to tell a tale of international espionage.  Unfortunately, my introductory treatment of these aspects of a storage system will probably not keep you on the edge of your seat - but I'll try to keep it interesting. Throughout this series, we've been working our way from the … [Read more...]

Guest Free Disk Space Revisited

I wrote about a method for determining guest free disk space using a PowerShell script a couple weeks ago.  Scott Lowe picked up the post on his blog last week.  Since then I have had several other conversations with folks looking the best way to report on inefficiencies in their environments (it's the economy, stupid) and mitigate those inefficiencies as budgets get tighter. When it comes to reporting there are a ton of options available.  The solution you choose will be dependent on your environment and the tools you already have in place.  Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB's) often … [Read more...]

NetApp Extends 50% Virtualization Guarantee

NetApp has extended their 50% Virtualization Guarantee to include Citrix Xen and Microsoft Hyper-V.  The program, first announced in 2008, initially covered only VMware virtualization solutions.  The 50% Guarantee program is a catchy way to get folks thinking through the cost savings that virtualization can offer when combined with shared storage (and in this economy who isn't thinking about savings!). NetApp has linked several Technical Reports on the 50% Virtualization Guarantee program site that are worth reading even if you are not preparing for a new storage purchase.  Here are links … [Read more...]