HAProxy Load Balancer Virtual Appliance

VMware View with HAProxy Load Balanced Security Servers and Connection Servers

This is the landing page for the free load balancer virtual appliance using HAProxy that I put together to help with VMware Horizon View test/pilot deployments.  The appliance was built on SuSE Studio.  Articles from VMtoday.com that discuss the appliance, updates to the configuration, or usage examples are below.  Stay tuned for new versions based on HAProxy 1.5, as well as new Linux distributions of the appliance using CentOS and Ubuntu.  Enjoy!

Updated HAProxy Load Balancer Virtual Appliance

Last year I shared a free load balancer virtual appliance for VMware View that I created on SuSE Studio.  The load balancer uses HAProxy and came with a very basic configuration for use with VMware Horizon View Connection Servers or Security Servers.  The appliance has been downloaded a few hundred times and has been useful […]

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Free VMware View Load Balancer Using SUSE Studio and HAProxy

I’ve had several customers ask me what options they have for providing redundancy / high availability / load balancing for their VMware View Connection Servers and Security Servers.  VMware View does not provide its own load balancing functionality.  Many are smaller customers without any existing load balancers in place, or want something they can use during a […]

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