VMware Wallpapers

Here are some VMware themed wallpapers / desktop backgrounds I have collected and/or made.  To download a full-sized image for use as your desktop wallpaper, click the thumbnail below.  On the image viewer page that opens next, right-click the image and choose ‘Save Image As’ option (you can’t save the image from the lightbox pop-up if you mistakenly left click the image….).  Most of these are hi-res 1920 x 1080.  The thumbnail engine on my site makes the images below look bad – click into the image to see it in all it’s crisp, hi-res goodness.

I’ve added a bunch of plain solid color images in VMware’s color palette that can be used for VMware View, or on servers where you want a different background color to help distinguish between servers if you are switching between multiple consoles for demos or admin work.

Let me know if there are others that you want to see – I’m happy to make them!  Feel free to vote (starts under each image) to show which you like (or which you hate).

Get all wallpapers in a Windows 7 Theme Pack from http://cloudfront.vmtoday.com/wp-content/uploads/VMware_Wallpapers_JoshTownsend.themepack.  Double-click the .themepack file to install.  (15 Oct 2012 – this is a bit out of date now – check back later for an updated themepack)

Bonus – Alan Renouf has some PowerCLI backgrounds here: http://www.virtu-al.net/2011/06/12/powershell-or-powercli-fanboy/



  1. Awesome, thanks so much for the collection of great backgrounds and wallpapers.

  2. Love it!

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