VMware View Android Client Updated

The VMware View Client for Android was updated to version 1.6.0 on September 25th.  The new version brings several enhancements, including: Support for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Integrated RSA soft token for easier login URI schema using vmware-view:// for easier setup.  This will allow administrators to send a link directly to View Connection or Security Servers.  When a user clicks the URI, the  View Client will automatically connect to the defined View server. Client-side caching for reduced bandwidth.  This will cache same pixels locally on the device resulting in reduced … [Read more...]

Using a CD/DVD drive in VMware View

I've had several people ask me about using CD/DVD drives on VMware View virtual desktops.  Specifically, Can I use a CD or DVD drive with VMware View Desktops? Why doesn't the CD or DVD drive on my re-purposed PC with the VMware View Client pass through to the View desktop? How can I make a CD or DVD drive work on my View Desktop? Are there specific CD/DVD drives that are supported on VMware View? How can I present a CD image (.ISO) to all View Desktops? CD/DVD Devices in a View Environment - What works, what doesn't? First, the bad news.  When using PC over IP (PCoIP) as the … [Read more...]

EMC Virtual Storage Integrator Update

I upgraded my in-house VMware vSphere environment to 4.0 Update 2 last week.  After upgrading my vSphere Client to the Update 2 version I was greeted with a series of 7 ugly error messages stating: Method not found: 'VMware.CustomControls.LabelEx VpxClient.Common.Util.Helper.AddLabel(System.Windows.Froms.Control,Int32, int32, System.String, System.Drawing.FontStyle, Boolean)".I assumed a plug-in had caused the error message.  I started my troubleshooting by disabling the 3rd-party plug-ins in the environment, beginning with the free EMC Storage Viewer.  Upon disabling the EMC Storage Viewer … [Read more...]

Virtualization Bookmarks for August 28th

Here are some bookmarks for resources that I have recently referenced: vCenter 4 and ESX 4 Now Use 10 Year Default SSL Certificate | VM /ETC - Rich Brambly has some guidance on installing a new SSL certificate on vCenter, with very useful links in his post to official VMware documentation and KB's on the subject. VMware vSphere Client on Microsoft Windows 7! | Virtual Lifestyle - Heiko Verlande has found a way to run the VMware vSphere Client on Windows 7. Virtu-Al » PowerCLI: Daily Report V2 - Version two of a handy PowerShell based VMware Environment Daily Report from VMware vExpert … [Read more...]

vCenter Client Passthrough Authentication

I started this blog for a couple reasons: 1.) To help you, my readers, with your virtualization projects, and 2.) To help myself by: a.) raising my online profile as an expert in the community, and b.) To give myself somewhere to keep tidbits of knowledge that I find myself going back to look for over and over again. This post is a 2b. I just built up a new laptop and couldn't remember how to set up pass-through authentication on my VI3 Client. A quick Google search gave me the answer, courtesy of Stu Radnidge's post on nothing other than VirtualCenter 2.5 Passthrough Authentication.  This … [Read more...]