PCoIP Packet Loss? Don’t Blame the Network!

Several months ago I was called into a new customer to diagnose some odd behavior in their VMware View environment. The organization was struggling with constant disconnects and generally poor performance on their View desktops. When users weren’t being randomly disconnected from their desktops, the users experienced lag when dragging windows between multiple monitors, ‘choppy’ graphics/video, and slow application launching. The problems occurred with local and remote users (both WAN and LAN could be involved).  The customer had done some troubleshooting, worked with VMware Support and the … [Read more...]

Horizon View vs. Horizon Mirage

I recently covered the launch of VMware’s Horizon Suite of End User Computing (EUC) products, including VMware Horizon View, VMware Horizon Mirage, and VMware Horizon Workspace.  The products present a set of tools that enable IT to exercise comprehensive end-point management while delivering a unified user experience across a variety of devices and access methods. Today, I want to focus a bit more on View and Mirage. Specifically, when would you choose one solution over the other? Let’s briefly review each product. VMware Horizon View provides a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) … [Read more...]

VMware Themed Desktop Background Wallpapers

5/12/2014 - Sorry, I've been asked to remove these images.   Update: 7/10/2012 - There are now more than 60 VMware desktop background images in the collection.  Not all are in the ThemePack yet - I'll refresh that later if people want it.  I've also added a rating system to the images so you can tell me which ones you like, and which are so horrid you wouldn't wish it on your worst helpdesk-abusing user. I spent a few minutes clearing my head between projects today by throwing together a collection of 40 41 (thanks @lamw for the multi-colored triangles on white image) VMware themed … [Read more...]

Using a CD/DVD drive in VMware View

I've had several people ask me about using CD/DVD drives on VMware View virtual desktops.  Specifically, Can I use a CD or DVD drive with VMware View Desktops? Why doesn't the CD or DVD drive on my re-purposed PC with the VMware View Client pass through to the View desktop? How can I make a CD or DVD drive work on my View Desktop? Are there specific CD/DVD drives that are supported on VMware View? How can I present a CD image (.ISO) to all View Desktops? CD/DVD Devices in a View Environment - What works, what doesn't? First, the bad news.  When using PC over IP (PCoIP) as the … [Read more...]