PSA: Less Than 1 Month Until Free VMware vCloud Suite Offer Expires

A friendly public service announcement: VMware announced at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco that any customer with vSphere Enterprise Plus licensing under a current Support & Subscription (SnS) agreement as of August 27th would receive a free upgrade to the new vCloud Suite Standard Edition.  The free upgrade offer is only available through December 15, 2012.  The vCloud Suite Standard Edition includes vSphere Enterprise Plus, VMware vCloud Director, vCloud Connector and vCloud Networking & Security Standard (formerly known as vShield Edge and vShield App).  There's some other great … [Read more...]

Free VMware View Load Balancer Using SUSE Studio and HAProxy

I've had several customers ask me what options they have for providing redundancy / high availability / load balancing for their VMware View Connection Servers and Security Servers.  VMware View does not provide its own load balancing functionality.  Many are smaller customers without any existing load balancers in place, or want something they can use during a View pilot or Proof of Concept engagement.  Administrators who find themselves in a similar situation have a few choices for providing high availability for View servers: Buy a load balancer - F5, A10, Cisco ACE.  Expensive, … [Read more...]

The Dark Knight A Rises a Day Early

Here's an event for those of you in the Washington, DC area. Join Clearpath, VMware and Veeam for a special private viewing of the The Dark Night Rises on July 19th. The day will start out with breakfast and a brief and informative presentation on backing up virtualized environments.  Following the presentation and a short break for audience questions, we’ll be viewing The Dark Knight Rises* a day before the general public. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to further your virtualization learning while getting to see the Dark Knight before any of your friends or family. Sign up … [Read more...]

VMware Themed Desktop Background Wallpapers

5/12/2014 - Sorry, I've been asked to remove these images.   Update: 7/10/2012 - There are now more than 60 VMware desktop background images in the collection.  Not all are in the ThemePack yet - I'll refresh that later if people want it.  I've also added a rating system to the images so you can tell me which ones you like, and which are so horrid you wouldn't wish it on your worst helpdesk-abusing user. I spent a few minutes clearing my head between projects today by throwing together a collection of 40 41 (thanks @lamw for the multi-colored triangles on white image) VMware themed … [Read more...]

VMworld T-Shirt Count

Way back in the day (we're talking way back in high school here) I worked my summers away at a Six Flags park in Western New York.  Every fall the park hosted an International Food Festival.  Let me tell you - the perogies, sausage and gyro's slid down like nobody's business.  But the real prize was the Italian bakery's cannoli's.  The 5 or so folks that shared an office with me decided we should track our cannoli consumption.  We did (like you do a drug or spin up VM's just cause you can) something like 126 cannoli's in one weekend. We called it the Cannoli Count - kept a tally o a whiteboard … [Read more...]