Learn VMware ThinApp with New ThinApp Essentials Book

ThinApp is an essential piece of VMware's end user computing portfolio as it acts as the decoupling agent between legacy Windows applications and the underlying operating system.  Leveraging ThinApp allows administrators to overcome application compatibility issues while providing new application deployment options to both physical desktops as well as VMware View desktops.  ThinApp does this by virtualizing everything that makes a Windows app a Windows app - registry entries, DLL registrations, Program Files directories, and user personalization - into a single .exe or .msi file.  The ThinApp … [Read more...]

VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions Book Review

I recently received a copy of VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions by Jason Langone and Andre Leibovici.  I had a few hours of flying time yesterday and decided to read the book.  The book is billed as 'A complete guide to planning and designing solutions based on VMware View 5'.  Included in the contents of the book are the following topics: Components of VMware View, including View Composer Solution Methodology, including assessment worksheets, use case definition help, basic View design principles, and design validation using the VMware View Planner tool. Persistent vs. … [Read more...]